The Moonshining / Poetry

// On Jimmy Fallon // In HipHop

I’m the man on the moon
Comin’ through night on night
All suit and boot.
Live from New York
But all Hollywood.

Gimme a shimmy Jimmy!

I’m the man on the street
With an eye on
every eye on me
Cos every performance
Starts with a grand entry.

Gimme a shimmy Jimmy!

Elvis in the building.
LVS in the building.
You gotta see the super, the band, the fan.
Their hand in lettin’ the world know
That Jimmy’s the star of his own show.

Gimme a shimmy Jimmy!

I’m the man playin’ solo.
The floor’s mine.
The crowd too.
It should be happy
Yet feels like a cameo.

Cos you know, in walks the hero
With class-leadin’ aero
Hands me fiddle number two
Shakes my hand too
Smile, it’s a one-two!

Gimme a shimmy Jimmy!

Lest I forget
It’s my house, he’s a guest I forget.
He needs me at my Sunday best.
I’ll take my seat, maybe you should too
Get ready to hide in plain view.

Gimme a shimmy Jimmy!

Gimme no tears, I ain’t hearsin’
Cos you’ve been away, and I rehearsin’
Gimme a turd, I’ll make it gold
I’m moonshine that never gets old
Sit back, relax, you’re sold.

Gimme a shimmy Jimmy!

The Kabuki is done
Being anything but fun.
The games should be soon
Lettin’ me give it back.
There’s a house to be won.

Good time to talk Jimmy?
Yeah man, could do with some company
The show’s got me feelin’ like a clown
Can you pick me up
Shake me upside down?

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