Max Life Insurance / TV commercial

Agency: Euro RSCG, Gurgaon, India (transcript below)
Year: 2009


Kid (K): “I came first!”

Father (F): “Excellent… after all, whose son is he?”

Mother (M): “Just like his Mom…always first!”

F: “Hello, who topped the university? Dad” (pointing to himself)

M: ” One minute… my Dad not only topped his university… he was also a PhD”

F: “C’mon so what… my Uncle came first in BHU…in Physics and Chemistry”

M: ” Huh… my grandfather came first in IAS… in the whole of India”

K: “But, this time I came first in painting!”

Male Voiceover: Whatever the talent, the Max New York Life Shiksha Plus insurance plan is always there for your child.

Mother: “Surely, there must be a painter in your family, right?”

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